The first thing you should realise is that if you only have a few thousand followers on social media, and you are looking for the kind of deal that will bring instant fame and fortune; you are living in a dream world and are definitely not in the right place!

If we offer a deal to you, it is because we think you have the potential to make music your career. However, talent alone doesn't make you an instant success. It is a very tough business. You need the right attitude, and a commitment to sell yourself that is second to none, in order to succeed.

We are a small label. Totally independent of any major label involvement. For those who don't want to be used by the likes of a major corporation, this is very good news. However, this means that you have to work hard, listen to our advice and invest in yourself in order to make steady progress. This is why our full deal is a 5 year minimum term. Yes, we know 5 years sounds like a long time, but you'll be surprised how quickly that goes by. Even so, we've written terms into the contract to ensure that it wont hold back your career. As soon as a better opportunity comes along, we will negotiate on your behalf for the benefit of all involved. If this means transferring you to a major label because that is your dream and it would be better for you, then we would ensure that you're not ripped off in the process.

There is a lot of diversity in the music business today. Not just in the genres of music out there; but in the business models available. You might be one of those artists who only want a part of their business handled by a team such as ours. Perhaps you are a cover artist who is happy playing regular shows and just needs better quality or more frequent engagements. Maybe you are too busy to handle your career alone and just want a manager. Perhaps you write and perform original music and want it recorded, released and played on the radio, but have someone else who is already booking your tours and handling your business affairs. For this reason we have 4 different kinds of deals available and each of those can be adjusted further to suit your requirements.

To apply for a deal, just nip along to GiveMeARecordDeal.com and follow the instructions.

If you are not ready for the mainstream, and have no intention of making the changes that may be necessary to get there, we will help you to develop your brand; online presence; and pinpoint your niche market.

Regardless of whether you are a mainstream or niche artist, there is a lot we can do for you to help further your music career.

We will set up and manage advertising campaigns to increase your fanbase using whatever advertising budget you can afford. The more you can afford, the faster you will grow your fanbase.

We will help you to develop marketing strategies that will turn your existing fans into paying customers via your website.

We will expand the reach of your organic social media campaigns by managing additional online marketing using your Facebook or Instagram posts.

We will expose your music to new potential fans through the power of radio plugging. We will also use Jango airplay to reach potential fans and gain insights into your niche market.

Wobbly Music does not give advances, but instead uses their knowledge and experience to help build an artist's brand and career on a slower but more stable footing. Likened to the "old days" when a label would take a chance on an unknown artist and work with them to build and develop their career over several years.

The main advantages of this for you are that:-

  • A. You have no loans to pay back and therefore earn royalties from the first record sold.
  • B. You can get all the help you need without having to spend time learning or doing all the boring stuff when you'd rather be spending the time on your music. and
  • C. You can get all our resources and services for free that would otherwise cost you a small fortune.

Our founder, Lynn, has had almost 50 years experience in the industry in many capacities. As a Drummer she has played in a band who had minor chart success in the 80's and benefitted from many TV and radio appearances. She still plays on many studio sessions and is currently in two bands with musicians who have also worked with many famous artists in the past. As a Live Sound Engineer, Lynn has mixed the sound for many major name acts such as Madness, Blur, Simply Red and Depeche Mode, to name but a few. She is the person on the team who truly understands what a musician goes through; and how to avoid the type of people who prey on them. She has written all our contracts herself to be as fair as possible to both sides. We consider our artists a major part of the whole team.