A Different 
kind of Label

For a Unique kind of Artist

Very Approachable

Unlike most record companies, we are often online 24/7 and have been known to have artist/company meetings well after midnight if it is necessary!

We Nurture young Talent

We have a management contract attached as a rider to our record deals especially for the guidance and development of young talent for a future career in the music business.
Our founder is a qualified Instrumental Music Facilitator and workshop tutor who is able to offer specific training in music business and performance skills.

Most record companies will offer one record contract that is designed to suit them more than it suits you.
We understand that artists are at different stages in their career and their requirements will vary widely, so we have a variety of contracts to suit almost everyone. Even then, if the contract is still not quite right for you, we are happy make small adjustments to suit your situation.

We understand that all artists are unique