What Can You Do For Me?

If we offer a deal to you, it is because we think you have the potential to make music your career. However, regardless of how good we, or you, think you are, not everyone in the industry will believe you have the style, content and personality for mainstream success.

We include a management team who will put you in front of industry people who could fast-track your career to mainstream success...
IF THOSE INDUSTRY PEOPLE think you are ready.

If you are not ready for the mainstream, and have no intention of making the changes that may be necessary to do so, we can still help you to develop your brand, online presence, and pinpoint your niche market.

Regardless of whether you are a mainstream or niche artist, there is a lot we can do for you to further your music career.

  1. We will set up and manage advertising campaigns to increase your fan base using whatever advertising budget you can afford. The more you can afford, the faster you will grow your fan base.

  2. We will help you to develop marketing strategies that will turn your existing fans into paying customers via your website.

  3. We will expand the reach of your organic social media campaigns by managing additional online marketing using your Facebook or Instagram posts.

  4. We will help build your culture by sharing and posting related content from around the web to your social media pages.

  5. We will expose your music to new potential fans through the power of radio plugging. We will also use Jango airplay to assess how fans of existing mainstream and/or successful artists might respond to your music. This will help us gain insights into your niche market.

  6. We will help you to save money by providing recording, production, mixing and mastering, graphic art, marketing software, and web design services if required.

  7. If you are only doing music part-time, we will suggest ways that you can use your current circumstances to your advantage and perhaps even get the tax man to fund your initial business losses.

  8. If you are unemployed and think that writing songs or producing original music will earn you a living, you may be disappointed. However, we can suggest ways that you could earn a basic living from music whilst we help you to build your own brand alongside that.

  9. We will release your records properly with all copyrights and tags, such as ISRC.

  10. We will register your releases with the industry database making them eligible for the UK National charts.

  11. We will distribute your releases to all the major online stores and streaming services and submit your release to the top relevant Spotify playlists.

  12. We will protect all copyrights and intellectual property for everyone involved in the creation of the records.

  13. We will submit your music to our exclusive sync licensing agents for use in Film, TV, and Advertising.

  14. We will set up and manage multiple income streams from sales, licensing, merchandising, touring, advertising, sponsorship, personal appearances, and performance royalties from radio airplay.

  15. We will negotiate the best deals on your behalf and seek to secure touring, event, interview, TV, or Film opportunities.


As Wobbly Music has only recently branched into the mainstream market with the addition of our management team, we haven't yet got a list of names who we have propelled to stardom. Please don't let that put you off working with us. There are a lot of scammers around who will happily tell you that they have worked with some big names; and regardless of whether they are being truthful or not, that, in itself, will not guarantee your success. The real truth is that no-one can predict who will be the next major star. Even the major labels who can sometimes make a star by pouring millions into their marketing, will have dozens more failures than successes. Artists they sign who don't make a profit on their first release are now usually dropped and replaced by the next wannabee. But how many do you think COULD make a profit when they are spending so much on marketing? In reality, due to their excessive marketing budgets, they consider anything less than a million seller as a FAILURE. If I sold even half that number tomorrow, I certainly wouldn't consider myself a failure, would you? The fact is that if you sign with a major label; even if you are very successful, you'll be unlikely to see any money at all from your first 5 or 6 top 10 singles as the label will still be recouping your advance from your meagre 6% royalty.

Wobbly Music does not give advances, but instead uses their knowledge and experience to help build an artist's brand and career on a slower but more stable footing. Likened to the "old days" when a label would take a chance on an unknown artist and work with them to build and develop their career over several years. There are few labels prepared to take that amount of risk these days. Most are only interested in short-term profit. The major labels will generally only sign artists who already have millions of fans. 

The main advantages for you if you sign with us are that:-
A. You have no loans to pay back and therefore earn royalties from the first record sold.
B. You can get all the help you need without having to spend time learning or doing all the boring stuff when you'd rather be spending the time on your music. and
C. You can get all our resources and services for free that would otherwise cost you a small fortune.


Lynn Carol Monk (Founder/MD)

Our CEO, Lynn, has had over 40 years experience in the industry in many capacities. As a Drummer she has played in a band who had minor chart success in the 80's and benefited from many TV and radio appearances. She still plays on many studio sessions and is currently in two bands with musicians who have also worked with many famous artists in the past. As a Live Sound Engineer, Lynn has mixed the sound for many major name acts such as Madness, Blur, Simply Red and Depeche Mode, to name but a few. She is the person on the team who truly understands what a musician goes through; and how to avoid the type of people who prey on them. She has written this deal herself to be as fair as possible to both sides. We consider our artists a major part of the whole team, and as such, you are set to make by far the largest individual share of the proceeds.

(Senior Manager)

Our Senior Manager, Graham, who is also a personal manager to all our signed artists, has been a successful businessman in other industries for many years. Renowned for making things happen, he is a person who can talk to anyone, and is the main player for making those industry contacts that you need for your career.

(Tour & Events Manager)

The newest member of our team, Dan has had extensive experience in event planning and co-ordination. He will be seeking out new venues and opportunities for our artists to perform live around the UK and eventually around the World.

Jim (Press Desk)

Our Press Desk is run by Jim, who in his capacity as a radio plugger, normally charges each artist £250 a month for a press campaign. He has worked with a number of upcoming acts and other record labels. By signing with us you get the benefit of his radio and press contacts included in your deal.

"I've been supported and assisted by this company for over 15 years now.................The recording deal services of this company can be summed up in one word... 'simplicity'. In sum, a really cool all round service which I would recommend to anyone who is struggling to get anywhere with overlarge, overpaid, moneycentric (is there such a word?) recording companies." 
(John McKeon, UK)
Wobbly Music is an honest and professional label with years of experience under their hats. It's an honor to be an Artist with Wobbly Music. They have stuck by my side when others would have called it quits. Thank You Wobbly.
(Mark Rothschild, Mexico)
"We would highly recommend Wobbly Music Record label to anyone looking to make great recordings and get help with releasing and promoting them. We hadn’t ventured into a studio for many years and felt a little daunted at making an album. Our fears were soon dissolved as we were made to feel very relaxed, and as the album progressed we became a lot more confident. Wobbly Music are lovely people to work with and it became easier and more fun as our recording confidence grew. This was due to their expertise in the music industry as they bring out the best in you, making your music sound good. Wobbly Music produced and released an album we were greatly satisfied with. We also made a Christmas single and were over the moon with the arrangements that were made to enhance our song "Hallelujah". Wobbly Music does a lot more, and both the Christmas single and the album have been released and played on multiple radio stations, getting plenty of airplay all over the World. This has brought further opportunities our way in the form of live radio interviews; promoting us and our music even further with people streaming our music in places as far afield as Canada, Australia, Kuwait and Hong Kong" 
(Peter and Sharon, UK)
"EXITPENGUIN is a music project that really is born from creating its ideas at home, making live samples and editing them. However, an opportunity came along to record real time live sessions at Bakehouse Studio. Finding this a little daunting, I booked a few sessions with the idea to expand my ideas into a bigger platform, using better sound. The results were very good, considering i'm very aware of my lack of musical chops. But they are good at expanding your idea, and giving you another direction. Having said that, I ended up creating and releasing a full EP and two singles which could not have been produced at home. I was really chuffed when I learned that they got played in countries I never even imagined! Wobbly Music has a great live room at Bakehouse Studio for their signed artists, in any style, with a very friendly atmosphere. The experience has definitely enhanced my approach to any further musical ideas I might have in the future." 
(Exitpenguin, UK)
“I very much enjoyed my time with Wobbly Music. Recording with Lynn was always a great experience, she’s a fantastic technician and her knowledge and experience in the music industry is invaluable. I could always trust Wobbly to record, mix and get my music out to all major online stores in a very short space of time”
(Iain Mundy, Scotland)
"Wobbly Music has excellent instincts when it comes to producing music. After a couple of listens to our demo they knew exactly the sound we were after and delivered an amazing recording to us. We followed that with a whole album which we will be releasing on the label in due course" 
(WeatherStones, Bangkok/Baltimore)
"Signing this record deal has won much more attention for my poems and enabled me to benefit twofold. Once as an author, and again as a singer. Wobbly Music's production enhanced and does justice to my poems. It is the music that was added to my songs which gives them their full force.

During the summer, I was privileged to be able to sing in Brussels. As soon as I began, I saw that the songs attracted the attention of passers by. Children ran to me to say how beautiful they were. Young people stayed with me to express their admiration, and older people stopped to listen, then crossed the street to encourage me. Generally, people who listen to the songs like to stay to listen again and again, as if the music entrances them; finding new nuances to charm them on each listen" 
(Viviane, Belgium)

"People matter to Wobbly Music. Such a good all round service. All you need when you need it. If I could have written my idea of the perfect record deal and company to work with…this would be it. They support you right through the process, and make it easy to go from demo idea to release in a very short time…if that’s what you want. Ideal strategy for the niche artist…and they can do innovative videos. I can’t yet do music full-time, but I am confident, that with their help, I will be playing Glastonbury again, but on a much bigger stage."
(Monkey On A Stick, UK)

Overall, we are not a label that is going to spend money making fancy videos or advertise to the masses on TV. We believe that the direct approach to the people who are most likely to like your music is not only the cheapest, but the most successful way to build your fan base. If you want a label that is going to waste most of YOUR hard-earned money on huge campaigns that go out to the 99.9% of people who will NEVER be interested in you, you could approach one of the majors. If you'd prefer to be treated as a respected partner, rather than just another product and think we can help you, just click the button below and send us a link to your EPK, or examples of the following items...

1.  Direct Links to your best 3 original songs if possible.
2.  Links to your website and social media pages.
3.  At least 3 recent high quality photos.
4.  A Direct Link to your best live video or promo video.
5.  Links to any published articles, blogs, or reviews of you, your gigs, or previous releases. If you have none of these, we will take into account the comments and engagement from your fans on your social media pages. 

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