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The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment are historically somewhat akin to Fleetwood Mac. Not at all in the musical sense, but with a core membership of Bass and Drums as the mainstay of the band. They are now, after 6 years of existence, in their 6th incarnation; having been through several singers and guitarists who normally last on average around 18 months.
Currently consisting of Johnnie Squizzercrow on Bass, Lynn on Drums and D on Guitar, they have auditioned several vocalists, but have so far been unable to find anyone suitable. Not wanting to rest on their laurels, they have kept themselves busy writing dozens of instrumental songs. 16 of which appear on their current album, Wordless". Some of the songs on the album were originally released with vocals, but have now been arranged for their instrumental set. They have now been in their “Instrumental phase” for about a year and already have almost enough songs to record another album, but are still scouting the horizon for any other singer who might have the courage and attitude to join them.

Their music is described as politically-tinged post-punk and reggae, but they have quite a unique sound that makes them stand out among the kind of bands they are generally put on the bill with. As an instrumental band, their punk attitude to life is currently somewhat subdued, but at least they can now play some afternoon festivals without outraging the parents of young kids!


...a band that to my ears incorporate elements of bands from the heyday of the UK punk scene such as X-Ray Spex and The Slits, but also later American bands such as Tilt. They incorporate heavy dub bass lines into their sound alongside the punk elements and they seem to be born out of the original ethos of the punk movement. The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment are unique amongst the punk bands I’ve seen this year, they are original, intriguing and as their name indicates highly experimental. 

Underlying all this punky energy are great bass lines and understated guitar riffs and tropes that blend punk, reggae (à la Clash), indie and dub themes around original, catchy, punk-influenced songs that are noisy but easy to discern. If you’ve ever heard Polly Styrene and X-Ray Spex, then this was very reminiscent of their output, and in the same league, if you ask me, which is high praise. ... some idea of the impression they made upon me. Above all, despite the many cadences from the past that I could hear in their songs, they were very original, incredibly entertaining, with great songs and that little something extra that is undefined...
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