Peter & Sharon


Peter and Sharon met through a mutual interest in playing guitars, which through their love of music and for each other, became part of their lives. 

Peter had played in various bands before he met Sharon and played on the same bill with bands such as Free, T-Rex, Mungo Gerry, Ashton Gardener and Dyke, and others at Nelson Imperial Ballroom in the early 70s.

Sharon honed her guitar skills at Burnley College where she eventually became a qualified Tutor, teaching Art and Guitar. Together, they formed a duo in the 1980s calling themselves “Gentle Touch”. They were quite successful around the local scene playing at various pubs and clubs but also built a following in Cornwall where they went for family holidays. Later, the duo became a trio and they acquired an excellent bass and banjo player called Dave Cook. Due to their popularity, they made a tape which sold very well at various gigs. Unfortunately, the pressure of full time employment and bringing up a family proved too hard for them to travel and perform around the Country , so they disbanded until their circumstances changed. 

 In 2001. They returned to music full time. This time performing their own material as well as covers. Renowned for their close harmonies and picking skills, they now tour regularly around Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Lake District. They recorded “Strings Attached” at Bakehouse Studio with producer, Lynn Monk, in 2016 to thank the friends, family and supporters who have encouraged them throughout their musical career. The album has proved very popular with their fans, so they are currently writing new material for further releases.


Strings Attached - Released 01/12/2017 -  KSHPSA1DD - UPC: 5057728212432 
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Hallelujah (Ring those Bells) 
Released 30/11/2016 - KSHPSS1DD - UPC: 5057302289218
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