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John McKeon is an Adult Contemporary songwriter and recording artist from Leeds.
Having explored the realms of gigging around with local bands in his younger years; and being a person who tends to shun the limelight, he took to providing guitar and vocal arrangements as a session musician whilst concentrating on his songwriting. He was “discovered” on a songwriting newsgroup online back in 2000 by producer, Lynn Monk, who after becoming a good friend and music collaborator, began producing his début album, “Friends”. Lynn later signed him to her newly formed record label, Wobbly Music, back in 2004 and the album was finally finished after five years and was formally released in 2006. Unfortunately, due to the label only being run as a hobby whilst holding down a full time job, it wasn't promoted sufficiently to make an impact.

A second album, which is currently in production, will now be released alongside a re-release of "Friends". The “Friends” album explores the different facets of friendship and the double-a-side single features radio edits of two of the most commercial songs from the collection. “Take A Little Time” talks of the qualities required from a good friend; whilst “Why Aren't You Talking to Me?” covers the doubts that may arise in a relationship when communication breaks down.
Aside from writing his own songs, John has also been a regular contributor to tracks that Wobbly Music has released for other artists. Most often providing Guitar and Bass, he is also featured as the lead vocalist on some releases.
John is also a devout Catholic and has written many Christian songs that he intends to release in the future. 

A previously unreleased song called "The Circle of Friends" appears for the first time on the Wobbly Music Christmas compilation EP, which is due out on the 2nd December 2018. 

Acoustic version of "Why Aren't you Talking to me?" (Video)


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