Exitpenguin is the brainchild of a madcap, multi-talented supermarket manager from Manchester. Also a talented artist of the pictorial kind, his exploration of the music business began in 2011 as a home music project, to make soundtracks for animations. The music, generally known as "home-made guff”, was mostly instrumental, with no formal direction or genre.
Since then he has collaborated with a number of other artists on various projects and made a whole heap of demo recordings of various noise explorations. 

Now a recording project, backed by label, Wobbly Music, Exitpenguin is working toward an eventual album release; but will probably throw in a couple more singles first. There are no plans as yet to tour with it, but rather to explore ideas toward some amateur animations to include with a future release.
Exitpenguin's first official single was released on Xmas day 2016. A song about conspiracy theories, called "It Is What It Is", was primarily made as a Christmas gift for the lyricist of the song, Martin Davies. Made in a totally different genre to his original demo, Exitpenguin did a crash course in singing & playing reggae at the studio and rushed it through to put the whole thing together complete with all the release paperwork in just 2 days. Despite the raw and rough edges, the single had a vibe that brightened up your day, and quickly gained attention from some internet radio stations as well as engaging a few new fans in the capital of Reggae music, Jamaica.
But not one for singing on his own stuff, Exitpenguin often tries to rope in others who he considers to be “proper singers”. Particularly for the officially released tunes. His second single, "Parceltape Suit" features vocals by SEAN, who he bravely stole from the studio band without even hearing him sing first! However, Sean did a wonderful job, and may be used again on a future release.
"Parceltape Suit" is another exploration of a totally different genre. This time it has a Spanish-tinged 70's disco vibe. The song, written in 2013, was originally about standing out from the crowd, being individual; but a new version with a different chord structure surfaced in 2016.  Exitpenguin decided that the original lyrics didn't sound different enough. So, during 2016, he tried a different approach to songwriting, and a new bunch of verses were created and re-recorded in 2017 for the release you hear today. Now, the angle of the song is about a man who is down on his luck financially. But whenever he feels down, he plays his favourite disco tracks, and has a bit of a dance.
Exitpenguin adds, “I've always enjoyed songs that tell a story inside 4 minutes of a good tune. Folks like Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Macca, etc. Songs during the late 70's always got my imagination of who they were singing about, and how and why they even written it in the first place. Like Clapton's "Layla", that was a direct reaction over his infatuation with George Harrison's mrs. A bit far to torment yourself, but a good and positive thing to inspire good music and art. For the most part, when I create songs for Exitpenguin; I am always looking towards putting something in my arrangements that really doesn't belong there, but works anyway.”

The above video is a demo of a new song that will be on Exitpenguin's debut album.


Parceltape Suit - Released 07/07/2018 - KSHEPS3DDA - UPC: 5057917968492 
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It is What it Is - Released 25/12/2016 - KSHEPS1DD - UPC: 5057302479718
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