Dame Birame


Dame Birame, alias Dame Gueye Gueye, was born in Senegal. He was not born into a rich family. They struggled to Survive in Senegal, so relocated to Spain shortly after Dame was born. So it was in Spain where he grew up and fell in love with music. 

Dame started singing and recording his own songs in 2012. Starting with his own blend of Rap and Hip Hop, he became quite well-known in the local Spanish community. His first self-released single, called Bom Bom came out in 2012. But the Spanish influences around him eventually took over, leading him to focus on Reggaeton music, which is traditionally sung in Spanish.

Having built a good following in his local community in a relatively short space of time, he decided to move to England, so that he could have a better chance of branching out into the International market.

Once in the UK he was able to reach out to many other musicians and recorded several collaborations that got his name recognised on several YouTube Channels.  Shortly after arriving in England he recorded his 1st album, called "Live is the truth, Doundou Degg". Then shortly afterwards, he put his own video on YouTube which was called "Me and you, man ak yaw".

Now signed to Wobbly Music, his 1st single on the label with his own brand of Reggaeton music sung partly in Spanish and partly in English, was released on 2nd February 2019.


Dame's first release on the Wobbly Music label was out on 2nd February 2019. Produced by Uri Green, it is his own brand of Reggaeton Music sung partly in Spanish and partly in English.

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