"I have always thought and dreamt in sound, rhythm, and beats. My biggest dream is to share the songs I have written with the world, every one is like a piece of me.” 
Jai Hall

Jai Hall was raised in Bootle, Liverpool, UK. As a child his favourite artists were Elvis Presley & Buddy Holly. His Father, Steven Hall, introduced him to his first musical instrument at the age of 14, and taught him how to play. He encouraged him to be himself, which helped Jai develop his passion of storytelling via song.

When Jai was 15 he joined his first band, Elise. He wrote 80% of the bands Material with help from his childhood friends, brothers Andrew & Kev Speed.

After his first band split, Jai then formed a moderately successful Liverpool band called The Know. They enjoyed reasonable success on the live scene, and managed to fill venues by playing a mix of originals and covers.

In 2012 Jai decided to pursue other ventures and became involved in a few different musical projects, however, he still felt like musically, he could do much more.

In May 2018 an old friend returned to the UK & suggested that with the back catalogue that Jai has, he should do some solo material. So he recorded a few demos. Those who heard them thought there was something special in the sound. So in July 2018 he self-released "Between Two Houses"; which was a compilation of Demos recorded together with some friends and a drum machine. But Jai quickly realised that the magic that was on the earlier demos had now gone.

After that release, Jai took a small break from all the musical projects he was involved in. He felt like the passion and drive he once had was starting to dwindle. He turned 29 in November and realised he had to pursue a different musical path. Jai had an idea to take some of the best musicians he knew and form an unknown "supergroup" to record his solo material. So he contacted one of his friends, Josh Laffo. They wrote & recorded 10 demos in 2 days over the Christmas period and set about recording them with the new band.

Feeling that these songs were something special, Jai sent them off to multiple record labels. After many weeks of refusals, Wobbly Music got in touch and offered Jai a deal. Jai Hall's first single is scheduled for release in October 2019.

Overall Jai is a seasoned professional. He has been gigging since the age of 15 and has worked with several other professional artists. His stage shows are energetic. He is a very active frontman and puts passion into every solo or band performance, regardless of whether he is playing to a room of 20 or a festival of 5000. The biggest gig he played was with an artist called Ruth Cullen. Jai was only 17 when she picked him as a session musician to back her in front of 1,700 people at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Jai also appeared alongside her on on the Billy Butler show on Radio Merseyside.

Following the release of his début single, his plans are to release a well polished EP with an album to follow.

Available as a solo artist, or with his band, he will soon be delighting festival-goers around the UK.

The Jai Hall band comprises of;
Jai Hall – Vocals/Bass Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboard/Percussion
Josh Laffo – Backing Vox/Lead Guitar/Harmonica/Keyboards/Percussion
Dan Stewart – Backing Vox/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboard
Kev Speed – Drums/Percussion.


Jai Hall will be releasing his first tracks with Wobbly Music later in the year. Please subscribe for notifications.



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