17stories isn't any particular band or artist, but a collaborative arts project formulated by the drummer of a punk band and the band's number one fan.

It all started late in 2016, when the drummer discovered that the fan dabbled with music as a hobby and invited him to visit her studio to record one of his songs as thanks for being such a loyal fan. The two artists found they had more in common than they realised. The song that the fan brought to the studio had a story that sparked the drummer’s imagination. Another recording session was organised, and the ideas they put together were too good for just a single song, so the story expanded. One song became 4... and finally, a 5th track, an epilogue, was added. The EP turned out so well, in fact, that the book followed, then the photography, the art, and finally, the videos.

The two artists devised a concept for a series of EPs that would illustrate short stories. But they needed a name for the brand. The fan happened to mention that the number 17 had featured a lot in his life. The drummer, suddenly remembered a very short poem she had written back in 2001... 

Seventeen stories high.
Not very tall.
But it may take quite some time
to read them all!

17stories, the brand, was born!

The first of the intended 17 stories is called SOUR. The EP and the book were first released in July 2017 with the founders creating and singing the whole thing. The fan was never totally happy with his vocal and always yearned to have "proper singers" on it. Spin forward to 2019 and it has been re-mixed with two new "proper" singers, Sean & Angela. 

The book (written by the drummer) and the concept photography (from the imagination of the fan) was joined by original pieces of art from other talented artists. The Radio Presenter was voiced by Sharon Chadwick.

The soundtrack is now being released as a SINGLE on Halloween 2019. Excellent value for a 5-track EP! The original plan for a film kept getting put on hold, but finally, the long-awaited film is also in production and should be released on or near the date of the record release.
Ideas for the next two stories are also underway and the founders are constantly seeking out new artists to collaborate on the future releases.


New Release 31/10/2019. A remixed version of SOUR featuring new vocalists, Sean and Angela .
Note to broadcasters: This EP is designed to be played as a single and is 10m:39s in it's entirety.
We understand that you don't always have the time to play long recordings, so here is a breakdown of the parts...
1. Vision of Lovely = 00:00 - 01:56 (1:56)
2. Tiff = 01:56 - 04:42 (2:44)
3. Bits = 04:42 - 06:37 (1:55)
4. Stitch = 07:25 - 09:20 (1:55)
5. The Epilogue = 09:28 - 10:39 (1:11)

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The original version of SOUR was released on 17/07/2017 as an EP and is available exclusively from the 17stories web site.

The single from the original EP was released on 17/06/2017. The remaining tracks were only available on the full EP and not available separately. The original EP is available exclusively from the 17stories web site. This single is available from all major online stores and is also available as a video, FREE to people who subscribe to the 17stories Newsletter. 

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