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     MOAS, described as "Activist Folk-Rock", started in 1998 when Stee (formally of The Muthas), and the members of The B'stardos Bros came together to record a number of Stee's songs for independent release as a first album.
The Bros had managed to gain a fair sized fan base in Somerset despite the unreliability of their front man and lead guitarist Dave Parsons, whose presence was sporadic even during the short time they worked together.  Despite this, MOAS managed to make a few demos for further work and even had their first single “Alldown2Me” ready for release.  Sad to say, Parsons left the band and the single was never released. All that remains are some recordings of some of the early rehearsals.
Time moved on and in 2010, Stee was introduced to Dylan, a booker for the Glastonbury Festival. After hearing the recordings Dylan offered Monkey On A Stick a few slots over the weekend, including a 40 minute set on the West Holt Beer Venue Stage.
The band recruited a new lead guitarist, Rich Cox, and came together a few weeks before the Festival. They recorded the rehearsal for personal reference as they couldn't fit in any further rehearsals before the Glastonbury gig.

All the tracks were recorded live at Bulrush Studio Minehead, Somerset, UK. As with their earlier recordings, the tapes of the rehearsal  were done in one take, giving them a fresh, vibrant quality, rarely found in studio sessions. "Roll Another Joint", the title track, draws on the bands extensive experience of trotting out covers to satisfy the varied needs of the tourists who flocked to Minehead every year.
Despite being rehearsal tapes, the songs were of such good quality that Stee decided to take them along to Bakehouse Studio to do some further work on the material with the intention of making an EP for self release. He and Lynn edited, mixed and mastered the old recordings at Bakehouse Studio, adding new vocals, extra guitar tracks and orchestrations as necessary. Alas, Stee didn't get around to releasing it straight away and after some thought (and a few more years) decided to go back to Lynn to sign a deal with her label, Wobbly Music.

 "Roll Another Joint"  is the title track of this Short Play Album and was written specifically for the Glastonbury gig. “I wanted to write a song which would satisfy both the boozers and the stoners. “ said Stee, the bands writer and frontman.

The remainder of the tracks will not be released for retail sale. Instead they will be made available exclusively as a gift to new fans who subscribe to Monkey On A Stick's newsletter from their website at (coming soon!)


Monkey On A Stick's first release on the Wobbly Music label was out on 13th April 2019. This is the title track of their long-awaited EP called "Roll Another Joint".

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